• We help you to migrate your data to our server for free without compromising or losing any of your data
  • If you have more websites that you want to host with us then just let us know – we’ll do it free of charge
  • No tickets, no emails. Get instant solution to your problems by using our 24/7/365 live chat support
  • You can add and manage an unlimited number of domains from a single account
  • Our unlimited storage let you add as many products as you want in your site
  • Create unlimited professional email addresses for your business or staff.
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SEO of e-commerce site is very complicated, but when you host your e-commerce site with InterServer, you will get a complete SEO friendly site. You will get a dedicated SEO option for your products and pages in the admin panel where you can modify the meta title and description. Talking about the images, then it will be automatically renamed and compressed according to the web. In short, your product pages will be fully SEO optimized that helps them to rank better in search engine

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