Ayurvedic Kadha for Cough and Cold At Rs. 285

✅ Kadha is a powerful herbal ayurvedic concoction.
✅ It is used to manage different types of diseases, seasonal & occasional.
✅ It is a sugar-free Kadha made by  Dr. Vaidya.
✅ This decoction is made from 12 herbs.
✅ It is crushed and boiled in water for hours to make this powerful kadha.
✅ This ayurvedic medicine for cold and cough is enriched with a higher concentration of potent herbs like Vasa, Synth, and Jyeshthimadhu.
✅ Free Doctor Consultation is available.
✅ Cash on Delivery is available on this product.
✅ 10-day free exchange policy is available.

About the item:

Valid Till - 2022-06-13

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