Get up to 50% off all products

Get up to 50% OFF All Products

✅ Parachute Advanced Body Lotion adds radiance to your skin.
✅ Nivea Deep Moisture Serum formula leaves your skin moisturized for 48 hours.
✅ Almond oil and Vitamin E deeply nourish and repair the skin.
✅ Suitable for all skin types, our gentle face wash brings a natural glow to the skin.
✅ This face wash helps in repairing sun damage caused by exposure to the harsh rays of the sun.
✅ The coffee body scrub is great for removing tan and reducing ingrown hairs.
✅ More than 97% of people believe that coffee body scrub helps in removing tan and dead skin.
✅ You will get up to 50% off on all these products.
✅ Pay on-delivery facility is available on these products.
✅ You cannot return these products.

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Valid Till - 2022-07-09

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