India’s No.1 Smart Water Purifier.

✅ 100% (RO + UV + Mineraliser) Filtered Water with 6 Stage Purification Process.
✅ ₹0 Upfront Investment – No need to buy, just rent it for free.
✅ Water Storage Capacity of 7 Litres Mineraliser.
✅ Free Lifetime Maintenance.
✅ Free Lifetime Filter Replacement.
✅ Free Installation and Delivery.
✅ Cancel Subscription Anytime.
✅ 6 Stage Purification Process.
✅ Real-time tracking of water quality and consumption through Livpure Smart App..

About the item:

Livpure smart water purifiers to provide you a smart, convenient and hassle-free way to manage your machine as well as your water consumption.

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